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Disaster & Crisis Response

Relying solely upon funds obtained via grants and donations, SRT, Inc. trains and equips the more than 400 volunteers of the Oklahoma Medical Reserve Corps Stress Response Team. This team has deployed in numerous instances since its founding, including the 2012 Oklahoma wildfires, the 2013 Moore tornado, and the 2015 Tulsa and Oklahoma City tornado outbreak. Likewise, solely through grants and donations, SRT, Inc. has trained and equipped numerous school Peer Crisis Response Teams in Oklahoma. Examples of equipment and supplies provided by SRT, Inc. to its volunteers and others include EMT quality first aid kits, mobile FRS/GSM-R radios, iPads, amateur radio service radio transceivers, vests, and portable, battery operated canon printers.

The OKMRC Stress Response Team is deployed multiple times each year and its members constantly require equipment, supplies, and yearly training. Our funding relies solely upon donations and grants. Please consider helping.